All Suburbs Painters Reviews



Work We Do

We provide the highest quality painting and decorating service in all aspects of painting, from new construction to old repaints, as well as heritage restoration.

We specialise in;

- Residential new construction painting and decorating;

- Residential repaint work including advice on repairs

- Heritage restoration work;

- Commercial work, both new and old repaints

- Public and private school painting

We have a long track record covering two and a half decades of satisfied customers. In that time our projects have included all varieties of work from public and private schools, maintenance programmed work in the housing sector, new residential construction including private residential, right through to contracts for designers and architects.Scope of services offered includes : - Interior/Exterior      Paintinge
- Decorative finishes
- Concrete floor preparation and epoxy coatings
- Architectural Texture coatings

Services on offer

As we are committed to using premium products and materials and keeping up to date with the latest trends in the industry, we can offer :

  • - Environmentally friendly paint coatings such as the Dulux Enviro range, Dulux Aquanamel, Intragrain clear finishes;
- A range of texture coating solutions applied by roller, spray and the very popular trowel on finish.
 - For fine decorators, skilfully applied broken colour effects such as French wash, Venetian glazing, scumbling or marbling, or extraordinary range of FX Australia Coatings such as lime wash, liquid metal, stone and stunning stucco base products.
  • - Removal and application of wall paper, border and frieze.
  • - Warehouse epoxy floor preparation and finishes including application of two pack products such as epoxies and polyurethanes.